Explore Arkadia

An ideal location for so many activities

In Lagadia we are proud to be in the heart of Mountainous Arcadia. We are fortunate to live in a village situated in the most central point of a land with so many beauties. Within minutes you can reach the most beautiful villages and other famed attractions for the sake of which visitors travel long distances from all over the world. In other words, when you are in Lagadia, you have the whole Mountainous Arcadia (as well as the Peloponnese) at your feet.

Within 15-30 minutes you’re in:





Within 30-45 minutes you’re in:

Lousios River (hiking, rafting, swimming)

Mt. Mainalo Ski Center (skiing and other winter sports)

Ladon Dam Lake (hiking, rafting, swimming, fishing, biking, hiking)

Zatouna (Museum Mikis Theodorakis)

Philosopher’s Convent (Moni Filosofou)

Prodromou Convent (Moni Prodromou)

Within 45-60 minutes you’re in:

Ancient Olympia

Within 60-80 minutes you’re in:

Temple of Apollo Epicurius

Cave of the Lakes

Thanks to the wide variety of accommodation options offered by Maniatis Group hotels and the excellent location of our village, Lagadia are ideal for a continuous stay, and also as a base for excursions to any direction.

Enjoy a great variety of activities in Lagadia

If you choose a continuous stay in Lagadia, you will be lavishly compensated. You will find beautiful cafés, bars, and other entertainment options, as well as quality traditional products offered in local stores. Similarly, the area is ideal for enjoyable walks, within the village or around it in a small radius, with paths leading to idyllic spots, such as the majestic canyon of Touthoas River. Walks are often organized by our group, but there are also wonderful routes for biking, with bikes offered in our hotels.

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